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Tar & Roses' original winemaking team had its first experience in Priorat (Spain) and later in Italy. There, Don Lewis and Narelle King learned how to deal in the best way with 'old world' grapes and how to reflect this on their native Australia. In addition to Shiraz and Pinot Grigio, they also make wine from other classic grapes such as Riesling, Tempranillo, Sangiovese, Nebbiolo and even Glera (Prosecco) with the aim of introducing 'New World' drinkers to these grapes. Don Lewis, who sadly passed away in 2017, became one of Australia's most respected winemakers. His interpretation of these classics with an Australian character united the old style of winemaking with the new one. At Tar & Roses, Narelle King now only continues their work with the same philosophy in mind. The grapes come from the best regions of Central Victoria, such as Heathcote (Shiraz) and King Valley (Pinot Grigio), ensuring wines that combine a decidedly tasty character with finesse and complexity. In addition, due to their specific location and altitude, they guarantee wines that are a worthy reflection of Australia's most cool and privileged wine regions.

About the winery 

Victoria Australia
picture of Heathcote
Rich, ruby red deep color. Ripe red and black fruit with hints of liquorice, spices and a touch of warm earth. In the palate, mulberries and rhubarb predominate, accompanied by slightly roasted and more complex notes such as coffee and chocolate. Its luscious character balances perfectly with the fresh acidity and a remarkably fine structure. In the long aftertaste, intensity and finesse balance each other nicely.
Victoria Australia
picture of Heathcote - The Rose
Shiny, dark cherry red color. In the nose dark notes of black berries accompanied by fresh notes such as mint after which impressions of chocolate, coffee, leather and vanilla emerge. On the palate, all these flavors are confirmed and its fine character and remarkable balance are particularly striking, combining power and length with finesse and elegance. Impressive final.